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Guide to Private and
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Our Kids Interview: Get to know EF Academy
We interview Jason Kirchner, director of international admissions at EF Academy in New York and Pasadena, who talks about the EF boarding schools in the US
What if you don’t get into your preferred high school?
Having problems getting into a good public Poland high school? You might consider a private or non-public high school instead.
Our Kids Interview: Get to know Wrocław Cosmopolitan School
We interview Graham Lewis, the principal and creator of Wrocław Cosmopolitan School, the new cutting edge innovative international school opening in 2020

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Choice. Opportunity. Success. These three words are synonymous with a private school education. More than ever before, private schools are open to families of all economic backgrounds seeking an alternative to a traditional public school: a solid educational foundation on which they can build their future.

At OurKids.net/pl, we can help you realize this future for your child. We offer a comprehensive and in-depth look at private schools: from individual profiles of schools, to information on the different types of schools, how to choose the right school, and how to pay for tuition, our library of resources makes Our Kids the most trusted source when it comes to private schools in Poland.

The Essential Parent Guide to Private Education

  1. Public vs non-public
  2. Benefits of private school
  3. How to choose a school
  4. Costs of non-public school

Why I choose to send my kids to private school

Dr. Aleksandra Teresa Woźnicka shares her reasons for investing in education

My twins, a boy and a girl, were 7 years old. Curious about the world and trusting, they were interested in everything. I had decided what I wanted for my kids. They needed a great school. Private schools in Poland are excellent, but can they meet all of my expectations?

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Guides to Private Education in Poland

Private and non-public schools in Poland

Private schools in Poland

Learn all about the private school advantage. Polish private schools operate at all levels of instruction (primary schools, junior high schools, high schools). There are many benefits to be gained from sending your children to non-public schools, including learning English and widening children's horizons.
• Learn all about non-public schools in Poland or Polish private education.
• Other specialized non-public and alternative schools include special needs schools, schools for learning disabilities, and international schools.

Boarding schools in Poland

Boarding schools

In Poland there are many boarding schools, mostly in large cities like Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Krakow, Lublin, Lodz, Poznan, Rzeszów, and near those centers. Boarding school offers many benefits for developing young minds, including academic benefits, international education, and much more.
• Learn all about boarding schools in Poland.

Montessori in Poland

Montessori Schools in Poland

Montessori education is focused on fostering children's natural curiosity. Montessori schools are designed for children first, encouraging interaction, collaboration and student mentorship. The vast majority of Montessori schools in Poland are non-public schools operating under the laws of public schools.
• Learn all about Montessori education in Poland, as well as Polish Montessori preschools.

Social schools in Poland

Social schools are a popular non-public education alternative. These schools are most often founded by associations, social organizations, foundations or non-profit bodies. Social schools allow for the strong involvement of parents and help shape the social competence of children.
• Learn all about social schools.

Private schools in Warsaw

Non-public and private schools in Warsaw offer education from kindergarten to high school. In Warsaw and neighboring towns such as Piaseczno, Legionowo, Minsk Mazowiecki and Pruszków, there are over 300 non-public/private primary, secondary and tertiary schools with unique educational and educational facilities.
• Learn all about private and non-public schools in Warsaw.
• You can also read about private day schools, boarding school in Warsaw, and Warsaw Montessori schools.
• We also profile Kraków private schools and schools in Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź, Gdańsk, and Rzeszów

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the school information on this site. Please contact schools directly to confirm all details.