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Canadian School of Warsaw - 13.06.2021 r.

Dance Monkeys of the CSW

Please watch and share our First Graders, putting a bit of cuteness and craziness into the final stretch of this difficult school year.

Warsaw Montessori School/Casa dei Bambini - 9.06.2021 r.

Casa dei Bambini Summer School

5 July- 6 August Casa dei Bambini is inviting 1-6 year olds to its annual Summer School at Badowska 19 campus.

Akademeia High School - 2.06.2021 r.

Summer School at Akademeia High School

AHS organises Summer School courses open to both our own and external students. Our 2021 courses will run from 28th June to 2nd July.

Canadian School of Warsaw - 24.05.2021 r.

Good luck 8th Graders!

You dealt beautifully with the whole year of challenges. You can do the same with your National 8th Grade Exams!

Canadian School of Warsaw - 18.05.2021 r.

The Canadian School of Warsaw PYP Exhibition 2021

It's time for the biggest PYP event of the academic year again! Welcome to the PYP Exhibition 2021.

Canadian School of Warsaw - 7.05.2021 r.

'Children Against Racial Inequality' Art Competition

Calling all the students of Warsaw elementary schools to participate in the competition under the patronage of the Capital City of Warsaw.

Canadian School of Warsaw - 7.05.2021 r.

Extreme Reading Challenge

To celebrate The World Book Day, the Canadian School of Warsaw students were invited to take part in the brilliant Extreme Reading Challenge.

Pro Futuro - 5.05.2021 r.

Dzień otwarty online.

Formularz rejestracyjny: http://profuturo.edu.pl/kontakt-do-szkol-pro-futuro/ Zapraszamy!

International Bilingual Kindergartens and Nurseries KIDS&CO - 5.05.2021 r.

How to prepare your child for attending the kindergarten for the first

Every change is associated with both curiosity and uncertainty. The first day is an important event and stress source for everyone

Akademeia High School - 27.04.2021 r.

Role of education in preparing a new generation of young people

In the ever-changing world, education has a fundamental role to play in preparing a new generation of young people to shape our future.

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