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American School of Warsaw
22.10.2020 r.

2020 IB Results

This year's IBDP (Diploma Programme) results have been published. The annual IBDP results provide a worldwide benchmark of achievement and curriculum delivery.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic meant widespread school closures, resulting in the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation) decision to cancel exams for the May 2020 session. In lieu of exam results, as part of the calculation of grades, the IBO used internal assessments/course work coupled with school- and course-specific algorithms to calculate the candidates’ final grades.

In August, in response to a larger than usual number of inquiries upon results and appeals, the IBO adjusted its system for awarding grades, which contributed to a grade increase for many students worldwide and at ASW.

93.2% of Candidates Met Requirements

The May 2020 IBDP Cohort consisted of 63 students (92.6% of total enrollment) registered for exams, 59 of which were full IBDP candidates (86.7% of total enrollment). Of those 59 students, 93.2% (55 students) met the requirements of the full diploma, compared to the world average of 79.1%.

Average 35 Points

The 2020 ASW average was 35 points. Consistent with the previous 8 years, the 2020 ASW average was above the world average of approximately 30 points (Figure 2).

15.5% Scored 40+ Points

In 2020, 15.5% of ASW IB Diploma students achieved a score of 40 or more, compared to 7.6% worldwide. 

Average Grade of 5.5 

The average grade of students who passed the Diploma at ASW in 2020 was 5.5, as compared to the world average of 4.8.

2 Students Awarded 44 Points

The highest diploma points awarded was 44 points, awarded to two students. A greater percentage of ASW students achieved 7s compared to worldwide. 


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