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Camp session: Specialty Program (Zodiac Day Camp)

Specialty Program

By: Zodiac Day Camp  
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Zodiac Day Camp

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501 Arlington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6C 3A4

Specialty Program
For 6.5-12.5 year old campers
(Born 2008-2013)

-Full Day (8:45am - 4:00pm): 1/2 day specialty/ 1/2 day variety
-Choice of 4 streams offered in different sessions throughout the summer: Arts, Sports, S.T.E.A.M., or Zodiaction

ARTS STREAM: Our unique, specialized Arts programs will allow campers to express their individuality, use their imagination and appreciate their senses through various creative outlets in one of five Arts Specialties.
Half-Day (3 Periods) Adventure Specialty Focus including:Camping Skills, Nature, Archery, Rock Climbing and more
-2 Periods: Other Zodiactivities
-1 Period: Daily Zodiac Swim Lesson
-Creative Arts (Session 1): an exciting combination for our campers interested artistic and culinary expression.
-Dance (Sessions 2 & 8): a positive environment to explore dance and movement with an emphasis on skill development, self-expression and FUN!
-Pottery Plus (Sessions 3 & 5): will introduce campers to the enriching world of art and self-expression through a variety of media. 
-Theatre Arts (Session 4): combines the theatrical camper’s favourite forms of expression and includes exposure to a wide range of dramatic arts, inspiring campers to engage their imagination, draw on inspiration, and show their true spirit.
-Edible Arts (Session 7) - will introduce campers to bakery, confectionery and decorating skills in a safe and encouraging environment using our on-site state-of-the-art cooking studio.

SPORTS STREAM: Campers will receive age and skill level appropriate instruction in a variety of sports based on the specialty program they are registered in. Campers will focus on up to 5 sports each session. Program emphasis will be on skill development, strategy, teamwork, confidence and sportsmanship in a safe, professional and supportive environment. Campers will participate in fun and challenging competitions, games and tournaments. 
-Half-Day (3 Periods)  Indoor/Outdoor Sports Specialty Focus
-2 Periods: Other Zodiactivities
-1 Period: Daily Zodiac Swim Lesson
-Court Sports (Sessions 2,4,6): a variety of land sports, such as: softball, soccer, flag football, rugby, baseball and more!
-Land Sports (Sessions 1,3,5,7): a variety of court sports, such as: floor hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, etc.
-Mega Sports (Session 8): game play in an exciting combination of sports from either our Land Sports or Court sports specialties.

S.T.E.A.M. STREAM: Science, Technology, Engineering & the Environment, Adventure & Multimedia - Our specialized programs will allow your camper to experience hands-on a wide variety of cutting-edge activities, especially those who enjoy discovery and exploring the wonders of the world around them. 
-Half-Day (3 Periods) Science and Technology Specialty Focus including: Computers,Science, Robotics and more
-2 Periods: Other Zodiactivities
-1 Period: Daily Zodiac Swim Lesson
-Adventure Challenge (Session 2): combines exposure to a variety of our popular adventure and nature programs. Campers will improve their skills at auto-belay and top-rope climbing along with participating in exciting archery activities and team-building games. Outdoors, our campers will embark on skill-building adventures such as: camping, outdoor cooking, nature study, using a compass, knot tying and more! 
-S.T.E.M. (Session 3): Campers will head to the science lab to experiment with chemistry by creating bubbling potions and watching amazing, colourful reactions. In the robotics zone, campers will work together to master fun and challenging engineering challenges and add robotic elements. Coding in the MAC lab will earn campers The Hour of Code certificate, and participants will also learn to program SPHEROs to perform amazing feats of robotics.
-The Science of Nature (Session 4): Provides the opportunity for campers to discover the world of life sciences and conservation, while exploring the beautiful urban green space of Cedarvale Park and Ravine located in Zodiac’s backyard. Campers will learn to identify the local flora, fauna and wildlife and how to follow Leave No Trace principles when in outdoor environments. Campers will participate in interactive activities to explore life cycles, habitats, food webs and so much more!
-Digital Media (Session 6): Provides campers the opportunity to explore a unique combination of technology and creativity. Campers will learn about digital image composition and how to integrate these principles into their photography, lighting and editing. Video and image editing will be explored, and campers will also learn how to prepare and apply images and other content for various forms of media.

ZODIACTION (in all 8 sessions)
-5 Periods: Variety-based exposure to a wide range of Arts, Sports, and S.T.E.A.M. activities. 
-1 Period: Daily Zodiac Swim Lesson

Session Dates and Locations:

Date TBD
Forest Hill, Toronto, ON
501 Arlington Avenue

Time TBD
Cost TBD

Special Needs Support: (Not all campers have special needs)

Mild Support       Specialized programming

Aspergers Syndrome
Autism/Pervasive development delay
Down Syndrome
Intellectual disability
Tourettes Syndrome
Mild Support       Specialized programming


Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive

Arts & Crafts
Computer programming (multi)
Hip hop
Martial Arts
Music Recording
Rock Climbing
Sports-Instructional and Training
Theatre Arts
Vocal training / singing
Wilderness Skills
Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive


Location Address Pick up Drop off
Various Stop All End At Zodiac Day Camp:501 Arlington Avenue, York, ON, Canada8:45 am3:45 am


Zodiac Day Camp  
Contact name:
Rick/Ellen Howard

Phone number:
(416) 789-1989
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Camp session: (Zodiac Day Camp)
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