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Pickering College Credits, Enrichment Programs and Camps

Pickering College Credits, Enrichment Programs and Camps

Pickering College Credits, Enrichment Programs and Camps  

  • Type:
    Day camp, After-school / weekend classes
  • Focus:
    Traditional (multi activity)
  • Cost:
    $199 to $999/session
  • Ages:
    4 to 18
  • Gender:
  • Main language:
  • Capacity:
  • Programs:
    0 available; 3 TBD
  • Summary Profile

    About Pickering College Credits, Enrichment Programs and Camps

    We are proud to offer a range of programs for Gr.1–12 to complement your child’s regular school program. Our online enrichment circles offer students in Gr.1-8 the chance to join other learners their age to deepen understanding of important Language Arts, Math and/or STEAM skills. Students in Gr. 9-12 have the opportunity to enroll in our online credits- taught by experienced educators and offer the perfect blend of synchronous and asynchronous activities to keep learners engaged and on track. Our Summer Program is for campers looking for a fun way to spend their summer filled with its combination of traditional camp activities, fun projects and outdoor education.

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    • Special needs: Not available

    COVID-19 Response 

    Pickering College has developed this plan based on guidance issued by the Ministry of Health of Ontario, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care of Canada, Public Services Health and Safety Association, the World Health Organization, the Hospital for Sick Children, the Ministry of Education of Ontario and additional information provided by other provinces, states and countries.

    The plan is based on following best practices as they are established with the most up to date research into COVID-19. The health, safety and well-being of our community is at the forefront of all of the decisions.

    The COVID-19 global pandemic is an evolving situation and as we learn more we will continue to update and enhance our protocols. Our daily camp program will include the following practices: - Increased hygiene practices including handwashing and sanitizing at each transition - Enhanced policies and procedures in response to COVID-19 and illness - in development with Public Health - Wipe down of equipment after each use - Asking parents to assess their children prior to the start of each day (temperature checking) - Symptom monitoring throughout the day - Physical distancing during activities - Maximum group size of 12 - Utilizing our (175) acre campus - outdoors as much as possible - Children organized into pods to manage contact tracing

    View recent COVID-19 updates from Pickering College Credits, Enrichment Programs and Camps

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  • Programs, Rates & Dates

    Programs and Sessions Calendar

    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; Pickering College Credits, Enrichment Programs and Camps currently has 0 program available; 3 TBD.

    Filter activities :

    Virtual program
    Ages: 14 - 18
    Credit Courses
    $450 to $1,200
    Instructor lead (group)|Credit Courses|Financial Literacy|Math
    Day Camp
    Ages: 4 - 10
    Traditional (multi activity)
    Arts & Crafts|Drawing|Painting|LEGO|Nature/Environment|STEAM|STEM|Basketball|Dodgeball|Hiking|Soccer|Track and Field
    Day Camp
    Ages: 10 - 14

    Financial Aid & Payment Details

    Payment Options:

    Credit card payment Yes
    Maximum installments available 1
  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    The Our Kids review of Pickering College Credits, Enrichment Programs and Camps

    our take

    Pickering College was founded as the West Lake Seminary by Quakers in 1842 and, as you might expect, has had a long and interesting history since. It began—remarkably for the time—as a co-ed school, and as such provided an expression of the Quaker ideal that both sexes should be educated equally. In that, and so many other ways, Pickering has truly charted its own course, though always with an eye to the international community. The campus is frankly gorgeous, with the full range of amenities, including extensive athletic facilities. It’s also ideally located to be able to offer a true camp experience—campfires and s’mores—as well as trips to some of Canada’s foremost cultural and historic landmarks. (The campus itself has some nice landmarks of its own, including paintings by Franics Johnston, a member of the Group of Seven, who also taught here. Rogers House, the main building on campus, was designed by John Lyle, who was also the architect for Toronto’s Union Station.) The ESL programs build off the expertise of the faculty. They are run all year, though the summer programs are dedicated to language learning while offering a fun, vibrant, collegial experience. Campers gain a sense of the school, as well as a sense of the country—for some, the summer programs serve as a means of experiencing the school with an eye to enrolling in the boarding program. Certainly, it can be a great entrée, allowing for an easier acclimation come September. For others, it's a unique opportunity to gain langauge skills from qualified, experienced instructors. 

    Questions for the Director

    We interviewed Pickering College Credits, Enrichment Programs and Camps. Here are their answers to:

    • [00:32] - What is unique about your program?
    • [00:52] - What type of child is successful in this program?
    • [01:50] - Is the schedule structured or is it more open?
    • [04:07] - How do your staff deal with behavioural issues?
    • [04:59] - What do participants value the most about an experience in the program?
    • [05:43] - What message would you give to a new participant of the program?
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    User reviews of Pickering College Credits, Enrichment Programs and Camps  — Read all 14 reviews

    Enrichment Circles Review
    Anon (Parent)

    It [Language Arts, Mathematics and STEAM circles] is so good to compliment the education of children who need more challenge than day school provides.

    Enrichment Thank You
    Megan (Parent)

    My daughter is really enjoying the enrichment programs. Please extend our thanks also to the instructors. It has been so good to have this during this time and we have especially appreciated all the interactive and extension we have been given. It has really supported and engaged our daughter’s learning. ... Read More

    Thank you - ESL Program 2018
    Anita (Parent)

    Thank you for much for the weekly photo updates. I love them! I think Jonathan is experiencing a wonderful summer camp!

    Thank you - ESL Program 2018
    Tuvshin and Bolotuul (Parent)

    Thank you all for your service to my son. He enjoyed himself and talks a lot about his experiences at Pickering College. We wish all the best to the staff of Pickering College.

    Thank you - ESL Program 2018
    Hong Yen Nguyen (Parent)

    I am very pleased to receive your weekly update email. I am very happy when my son tells us of the many excellent daily activities which he has experienced during the course of the ESL program. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you for the wonderful memories that you have given to my son. Thank yo so much and wishing you all the best! ... Read More

    Testimony - 2015
    Time Pongwit Phutragulpant - Thailand (Camper)

    I enjoyed Pickering College very much and I have improved my English in 4 weeks. I learned more than English. I would like people in other countries to know that if English is not your first language, I would like you to come to learn at Pickering College. It was very good for me ... Read More

    Testimony - 2015
    Yurina - Japan (Camper)

    I really enjoyed this summer camp because I made many friends from different countries. I liked the teachers because when I had a question about something, they taught me. If you come to this camp, you can do many new things. There is a radio station at Pickering College and we did shows on the air. In class I learned many things. This is my experience of this camp. This camp was so much fun ... Read More

    Testimony - 2016
    Italy - Francesca (Camper)

    My experience was pretty great, we had a lot of activities and trips that were so fun and interesting, I know a lot of things about Canada now and that’s amazing. I will recommend this camp to my friends because it worth’s every single moment, here the people are super nice. I won’t forget this experience because it helps me growing as a student but also as a being woman, which is really important for me ... Read More

    Testimony - 2016
    Ana - Brazil (Camper)

    I enjoyed my time at Pickering College because I could have fun and improve my English at the same time, with interesting classes, awesome trips and making friends. It was an unique experience in a life time and I am sure I will never forget the time I had at Pickering College ... Read More

    Testimony - 2016
    Abdulaziz - Saudi Arabia (Camper)

    During my time at Pickering College, I had a great experience. We did all sort of activities, the classes were really educational and fun, I never got bored, there was always something to do. The camp gave me a good idea on how beautiful Canada is ... Read More

    Testimony - 2017
    Miriam - Germany (Camper)

    What I enjoyed most about the camp was the diversity I experienced. I had never before met people from so many other countries. I really enjoyed learning about other cultures and getting to know the other students' countries. ... Read More

    Testimony - 2017
    Hinako - Japan (Camper)

    What I enjoyed about the ESL classes was that the teachers gave us fun projects such as preparing to host a radio show and presenting an environmental problem as I like to discuss and find solutions with my friends. I also liked Pickering College's facilities of having the track, the arena and three large yards. ... Read More

    Testimony - 2017
    Ariana - France (Camper)

    During my time at Pickering College, I really enjoyed speaking my friends about our different cultures and countries. I was able to make a comparison with my country and gain more awareness of the world. I would say that Pickering College compounds is like being in an American movie and I loved my time here ... Read More

    Testimony - 2017
    Maria - Mexico (Camper)

    What I liked about the ESL classes was that it was not just about taking notes and sitting down. It involved a lot of debating and discussing and through this we could improve our English skills. The counselors are very friendly and always takes care of us. The camp is really well organized and fun! ... Read More

  • Location & Site Details


    Newmarket, ON
    16945 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 4X2
    Newmarket, ON
    16945 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 4X2

    Property Details

    Sports facilities

    • Baseball Diamond
    • Basketball Court
    • Gymnasium
    • Running Track
    • Soccer Field
    • Weight Room


    • Forested Area
    • Open Field

    More details about property: Located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, Pickering College offers the benefits and safety of small town living and is within easy access from Pearson international Airport, and all that the City of Toronto has to offer. • Rogers House – Meeting Hall, Classrooms, Music room, Library, Book & Clothing store • Dining Hall • Student Lounge • Separate Girls & Boys Residences • Health Centre • Computer lab • Indoor Athletic Cacility • Indoor Ice Arena • Outdoor ¼ mile track • 3 grassy sports fields (soccer pitches) • Blue and Silver Stables - Outdoor Education Centre • Radio Station • Close to indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, ski hills, horse and mountain bike trails

  • What's New

    Director's Message

    Julia Hunt, Senior Director, Strategic Innovation
    B.A. (Hons), B.Ed., M.A., OCT, PQP

    Pickering College would like to welcome you to our rewarding and exciting Online Credits and Enrichment Programs as well as our Day Camps Program held on the beautiful grounds of one Canada's oldest independent school.

    Our program is tailored to students in Grades 1-12 and offers stimulating and constructive classes, fun memories, and new friendships. Our excellent reputation has been built on our dedicated staff and activities that provide a safe, fun, and exciting summer experience to create “A Summer That Lasts a Lifetime.”

    Pickering College offers experiences you won’t find anywhere else. We welcome you to discover the difference we make in our campers lives!


    In the News

    December 8, 2020

    Online Credits at Pickering College - Registration is now open!... Read More

    February 15, 2019

    The $200 CAD discount has been extended to March 31, 2019. Enrol now to reserve your space. ... Read More

    November 19, 2016

    2019 ESL Summer Camp at Pickering College - Registration is now open!... Read More


    • 2018 ESL Summer Camp

      Thank you for much for the weekly photo updates. I love them! I think Jonathan is experiencing a wonderful summer camp! 

    • 2018 ESL Summer Camp

      I am very pleased to receive your weekly update email. I am very happy when my son tells us of the many excellent daily activities which he has experienced during the course of the ESL program. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you for the wonderful memories that you have given to my son. Thank yo so much and wishing you all the best!  

    • 2018 ESL Summer Camp

      First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all teachers, counsellors and the camp directors. Both Bosco and Antony are definitely having a great time in Pickering College. They have both already expressed that they would like to return/study next September. Thank you for your invitation to the graduation ceremony, it is a pity that I will not be in Toronto then. However, I will be contacting you soon about their performance and questions about their application. Thanks very much. 

    • 2017 - ESL Summer Camp Teacher

      My two years at Pickering College ESL Camp have been absolutely amazing! The staff here are wonderful and they truly care about the students. My favorite thing about the programme is that students do not only get the opportunity to improve their skills in English but also get the chance to explore Canada. Students create relationships with people from all around the world, that they cherish for years to come!

    • 2016 ESL Summer Camp Teacher

      My experience with the Pickering College English as a Second Language Program has been nothing but astounding. Working as an English as a Second Language teacher this past summer provided me with the opportunity to work with students from around the world at a close and personal level. With no more than sixteen students in each class, the English as a Second Language teachers feel that they are able to work one-on-one with students to improve all aspects of their English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. I can say that I am proud of every one of my summer students.

      The program is inquiry based with an emphasis on collaboration and group learning. With a focus this summer on the European Cup and the summer Olympics, we were able to involve sports from around the world to engage our students with real life practices in the classroom. I have seen students grow in both their social and academic abilities and have never met a more amazing group of inspirational, international students.  

    • 2017 Camper's Parent - Mexico

      I am writing a few words to thank for the wonderful time that my daughter had at Pickering College this summer 2017; it was a great experience for her, she was so happy, she learned, shared, cried, ate and specially she made many new friends from all over the world. As parents we made the best decision in sending her to Pickering College! I want to thank everyone at Pickering College who made this camp the best experience for my daughter ever.

    • Educational Consultant - Japan

      Pickering College is one of a few private boarding school in Canada that offers excellent ESL + Activities programs during summer. It also provides very welcoming and at-home atmosphere from the first day students arrive at campus until the very end when students walk through the security gates at Toronto Airport. Every summer program staff at Pickering College is well trained, experienced, and most importantly, wanting to make the summer program memorable for students in every possible way. Therefore, all of our students are always well taken care and have lots of fun. There are great ranges of activities, the fun part of summer program, such as camping and outdoor activities in nature, city sightseeing of Toronto, watching professional games, and many more. In addition, students come from many different countries to the program every summer. The administration works its utmost to have as many nationalities and mixes as possible. This creates an atmosphere where students are encouraged to interact with students from different cultures and backgrounds in English. We would say this summer program is the perfect program for those who want to improve English and experience what it is like to go to a boarding school in Canada. 

    • 2018 ESL Summer Camp

      I think the ESL camp was the best thing I ever did in my summer holidays. It also was a great thing to meet other people from other countries. I met guys from Mexico, Colombia , Hong Kong… and they taught me about their culture, it was very funny. I had a very great time in my summer at Pickering College and I really want to come back ! Best wishes.

    • 2017 ESL Summer Camp

      I want to take the opportunity to thank you for all the happy moments that my kids had during the summer camp, they came back fascinated and wanted to stay for longer. Our main goal was to give them the opportunity to broaden their view of the world and always to have the desire to do and be better. And thanks to Pickering College camp, I can say “Mission was accomplished”

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