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British Primary School of Wilanow
12.05.2020 r.

Yellow Plate - lunches for needy kids during coronavirus pandemic

In Warsaw there are many children whose only meal they receive is the school lunch. When schools closed on March 12th, so did the school canteens and these children were facing hungry days and malnutrition. 

British Primary School of Wilanów (BSW) teamed up with the Kulczyk Foundation to deliver 300 warm, nutritional meals a day to these children across Warsaw. Since mid-April 202, together, we have delivered 5000 meals!

Thanks to this cooperation meals are distributed every day to the homes of needy children in Warsaw and its outskirts. The meals are prepared in the school’s canteen by the school’s chef, who previously cooked meals for the pupils. The cooperation has a financial aspect – Kulczyk Foundation and British Primary School of Wilanow share the cost of the food purchases. There are other charities involved: Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Dzieci (Children’s Friends Association), Caritas of Warsaw – Praga Diocese and Stowarzyszenie “Serduszko dla Dzieci” (Association “Heart for Children”). Their employees identify the most needy children and their families. They also take care of delivering the meals every day with all necessary safety measures.

Initially BSW and the Kulczyk Foundation have funded this project alone, but we are now looking for donations from parents, friends and corporations to support this incredibly worthy cause. 

Information about the campaign and how you can help

Gilly Burrows

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