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The Canadian School of Warsaw
13.12.2018 r.

The CSW at the SHOM Annual International Charity Bazaar 2018

As every year, The Canadian School of Warsaw's volunteers did their best to make the day even more magical: the Christmas crafts were popular not only among the youngest guests and the yummy treats prepared by our students didn't fail to impress! <3 

We are as honoured as ever to have been part of such an amazing international event!

We are ALWAYS extremely proud of our students, but possibly never more so than when they happily sacrifice their Sunday to participate in the charity event aimed at helping those less fortunate <3 Their kind spirits, caring hearts and cheerful voices were the best Christmas gift for us all! 

The visitors from the North Pole (invited exclusively by the CSW ;-)  ) were, as always, very popular among the crowds: the chance to personally ask Santa whether your Christmas present is definitely on its way could not be ignored, Mrs. Santa's cookies are famous all across the land and the cutest Elves graced us with their typically charming presence :-) <3

You will find a full photo coverage of this fantastic event on our Facebook fan-page.

Thank you so much for joining us on this special day- see you next year! :-)

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