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The Canadian School of Warsaw
20.12.2018 r.

Let's fight the Warsaw smog together!

As a result of a series of very fortunate events, a small group of the Canadian School of Warsaw students just recently stumbled upon quite a unique opportunity: they- quite unexpectedly- happened to bump into the Deputy President of Warsaw, Mr. Paweł Rabiej.

Being their usual confident and risk-taking selves, they quickly used their communication skills and inquired about the ways they could participate in fighting the Warsaw smog, which has become an undisputed number one problem in the capital city over the past years.

Mr. Rabiej was incredibly open and happy to discuss matters with our young environmentalists and invited them back to the City Council Headquarters in the new year.

We are very excited about the prospect of being part of the change in such a crucial matter and are really looking forward to putting some ideas into action in this important fight for cleaner air. Thank you for your kindness and enthusiasm Mr. Paweł!

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