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The Canadian School of Warsaw
13.11.2017 r.

Canadian School of Warsaw students excel in Grade 6 National Test

The sixth-grader exam is written by students at the end of year 6 of Basic School. This exam is technically split into three exams: Polish, Maths and English, written on one day one by one. Year after year, students at the Canadian School of Warsaw outperform the local average for Mokotów by up to 100%. 

Our curriculum is a rigorous inquiry-based programme that empowers students to take actions and become life-long learners in order to make the world a better and more peaceful place. Moreover, students are engaged actively in their learning process. Through the programme they become internationally-minded inquirers and thinkers, who ask questions and seek their own answers from both local and global perspectives. By nurturing students’ natural curiosity, we foster a love for learning. The Canadian School of Warsaw is also registered with the Polish Board of Education. In their further education, we are preparing our students for the PET (Preliminary English Test), the FCE (First Certificate in English) and the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English). Our students always achieve great academic results, and they are well prepared for the challenges that await them in the future.

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