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Przedszkole Baby City
17.02.2023 r.

Baby City turns 15 this year.

15 years have passed like one day. One thing is certain - we have not lost our freshness in our approach to education. Using the latest research on child development, we have created a program framework that draws on the best educational and didactic programs.

We educate with full attention to the needs of children, so that our graduates feel that the world is friendly to them and that they can make a significant contribution to their development. Currently, our children are in the best primary and secondary schools in Warsaw, earning the highest marks in the areas that interest them. They are brave, full of enthusiasm, open and tolerant. They start and win scholarships, competitions and tournaments. They know what they are good at and have self-esteem.

We managed to achieve so much - fantastic family picnics, performances on the stage of real theaters, dance competitions, festivals, prizes in art competitions. But it is the daily work that gives us the most joy. A child's smile and parents' peace of mind are the best reward for our work. And a reflection of this are the annual Eagles of Education awarded on the basis of parents' opinions.

Thank you for being with us. Our community already has over 1,000 people. We invite more babies to join our world.

Katarzyna Kuhnke

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