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Topic: Teaching

Benjamin Glassco - Alumnus   (Jan 25, 2018)

Passion may be an understatement to describe the teaching style of those instructors at TCS. Again, because of the strong community at TCS and because most teachers either lived on campus, or very close by, they were almost ever-present in student's lives. Taking part in house competitions, being involved as Housemasters, and leading community volunteer projects were just a few of the things that teachers seemed to universally take part in. Teachers never simply worked and then returned home, they were a part of the family that was TCS. Some teachers were so passionate and excited to teach that they bordered eccentricity, making every class entertaining, engaging, and influential. Also, an enormous number of AP options were offered and pursued by students, fostering high levels of academic development. Above all of this, teachers were always there to answer questions, even after school, at the dinning hall, or during study, helping students achieve their academic goals and pushing them to be more than ready for when they reach university.

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Jocelyn Murphy - Alumnus   (Jan 26, 2018)

The relationship between teachers and students at TCS is appropriately informal, which is one of the school's great strengths. Teachers are also coaches and advisers and housemasters which makes it impossible to have a formal relationship. That being said, teachers were able to maintain boundaries within such informal relationships so as to best guide students. I found most teachers to be passionate about their work. They were dedicated to our learning, both inside class hours and during periods of 'academic assistance' (supplementary teaching over lunch hours) if we were struggling. I remember most of my teachers as inspired, humorous and quirky - qualities that I needed in an educator in order to be engaged. Many provided opportunities to learn outside of the classroom through travel, cultural visits or simple engagement with the news. I can think of three teachers who directly impacted the trajectory of my life and supported the early goals I set to get to where I am today.

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Mariam Omilabu - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

During my first year, especially coming from a different country and a completely different schooling system, it was quite unclear what the teachers expected from me and that made my learning process difficult. However, after talking to my guidance counsellor who advised me to directly talk to the teachers about this issue I had. To my surprise, everyone was very understanding and carefully explained their expectations and from that point, learning became a lot easier for me. I do feel that I know what my teachers expect from me because I regularly ask for feedback. I thought my desired success was the same my teachers desired for me, however I quickly realised they were very different. I thought success in school meant getting excellent grades, performing well in sports and arts as well as service but my teachers made me understand that success was primarily achieved through happiness and good health, they explained that they believed success was when I was able to get at least seven hours of sleep a night, plan my time effectively so I can work at my optimum and to enjoy the whole school experience.

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Kim McConnell - Parent   (Mar 08, 2021)

The teachers at Trinity have many responsibilities beyond the classroom. They are coaches, housemasters and advisors. Each student is assigned an advisor who they touch base in with regularly just to make sure everything is going well. The advisor is also a contact person for me, as a parent to reach out to if there is a concern that I feel needs to be addressed. Overall most of the teachers love their jobs as demonstrated by the quality of teaching. Several progress reports followed up with parent-teacher interviews allow you the opportunity to speak with teachers on how your child is doing. If further help is needed the teacher will encourage the student to reach out for extra help either after class or during academic assistance which is time set aside for students who are seeking help to speak to their teacher.

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Candace Pickering - Parent   (Mar 08, 2021)

I am very impressed with the teaching at TCS. The school has obviously taken great care in choosing/matching the right teachers for the right subjects. There is such a multidimensional approach to learning. For example, a science project may include: a real-world example reading assignment (let's say about water pollution) followed by outdoor experiments (pond study) and a presentation completed in flip grid with video editing. So in a simple science topic, my children are learning about current events, field study and technology skills all while studying water, for example. In Social Studies my children learned about Canadian history by acting out mock trials of historical figures. My boys were so engaged and excited about this activity because of the manner it was being taught. Academically, my children are being monitored, supported, and encouraged all at once. Teacher feedback is instant and thorough. There is a real team approach amongst the staff to make sure all the students are supported.

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Erica Brown - Parent   (Mar 08, 2021)

Trinity College School focuses on finding and encouraging outstanding teachers. Their dedication to the students is evident in their passion and knowledge of their subjects. TCS has a team approach to ensuring academic understanding and success for students. Teachers are the lead in the team. They offer assistance in person and online for extra help. Plus, each student has a Guidance Counsellor that helps with selection of courses for the year and terms. Then, they are assigned an academic advisor that works as a liaison between students and teachers to ensure students are on track with their work, grades, etc. TCS uses a popular educational online tool called Edsby, which manages all learning systems. This application is used to update students (and parents) on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis on grades, assessments, notes, assignments, and other pertinent information related to their classes. Even during COVID, teachers and students continue to meet in an actual classroom in person. Parents are also given a formal opportunity to meet with each teacher four times a year. However, they are available to meet at other times and also offer open communication with parents.

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