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Port Hope, ON  |  Grades 5 - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: School Location

Benjamin Glassco - Alumnus   (Jan 25, 2018)

Port Hope is a perfect town to be home to such a revered international school as TCS. The town is large enough to offer beautiful surroundings and community involvement, but small in a sense where students are not tempted to go finding trouble. With permission, students are free to roam the charming riverside area, visiting the favourite "Jim's Pizza", taking a stroll along the lake, or going to see a movie in the local theatre. Obviously, teenagers are at an age to easily find trouble, but with a small town such as Port Hope, there is not much trouble to be found. Students are more inclined to enjoy the quaint charm of the small town rather than go off to break rules. Overall, Port Hope is a beautiful and charming community that welcomes the students to roam and enjoy the historic riverside.

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Jocelyn Murphy - Alumnus   (Jan 26, 2018)

TCS is situated in a small town about an hour outside of Toronto. It is surrounded by farmland, Lake Ontario and old cottages. It's one of the most charming places I've ever been and is beautiful in every season. Students venture into Port Hope after school or on weekends to grab something to eat, walk along the lake or explore. It's a rather quiet town, so while it is very safe, there isn't much to do which can make the school an island at times. That being said, I know that TCS has done a lot of work in recent years to break down some of the barriers that exist between the school and the local community.

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Mariam Omilabu - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

Trinity College School is located in what I call a quaint little town called Port Hope. Of course students go off campus, especially to the variety of restaurants and stores in the old town, there is even a cool art framing workshop/studio. It may seem like there is not much to do but there is a lot to do if you are patient enough to find the spot that works right for you. Students are allowed to go off campus during the day as long as they do not have any academic or extracurricular commitment during that time, but they must be back before study or sign in (depending on your academic standing in the school).

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