Reviews of Trinity College School

Port Hope, ON  |  Grades 5 - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: School Leadership

Benjamin Glassco - Alumnus   (Jan 25, 2018)

Trinity College School is a place where teachers, administration, and staff are all family. Perhaps because of it's more remote location in Port Hope, TCS has developed a supportive environment where everyone is seen as one. In my time there, not only was there unwavering support for students having difficulties, but problems were dealt with swiftly and appropriately. In many schools, when a student breaks rules, rumours spread and often misinformation and slander can develop around that student's character before the truth can be revealed. However, at TCS, when disciplinary action is taken on a student, the administration is always transparent and open to the community. Often, they will clear things up by making an official announcement to the school without revealing any details that would damage that student's character, clearing all rumours and settling the issue so that the community can move on. Further, because of the universal respect that students have for the school, it's rules, and the administration, disciplinary action that is taken by agents of authority are always supported by the student community.

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Jocelyn Murphy - Alumnus   (Jan 26, 2018)

During my time at TCS, we had an incredible administration team. The Headmaster, Deans and academic support staff in their office were truly integrated into our community. Their families were as much a part of the school as they were and this made them all approachable. Many did double duty by coaching our sports teams, leading debates or simply being present at mealtimes. Broadly speaking, they were well liked and loved. At its core, TCS emphasizes the importance of community on campus and to this end, the leadership was able to foster a positive academic and living environment. Teenagers are complicated beings and I felt that the school often went out of its way to support those experiencing disciplinary issues to address the root causes before administering any sanctions. Further, they always went through these proceedings in a confidential manner that respected the privacy of the student in question. During the rare instances where I'd seen a disciplinary issue impact the community at large, the administration was forthright with the student body and would take the time to speak with us. Further, they would communicate with parents for transparency and peace of mind. I think that this was appreciated by students, particularly when confusion can make a situation more jarring.

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Mariam Omilabu - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

I can say that without a doubt I respect all of my school leaders. My headmaster is the definition of approachable, my guidance counsellor is extremely understanding and my teachers are more than helpful. I think all of them do well in terms of checking their student's welfare over the course of the year, I was very surprised to find my teachers asking if I was getting enough sleep and eating well, it really made me feel cared for. I wish they would do more of asking for feedback over the course of the school year and not focused only to the end of the year.

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