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Topic: Extracurriculars

Benjamin Glassco - Alumnus   (Jan 25, 2018)

Again, the community at TCS is one that develops an environment akin to a large family. No other time of day was this more evident than in the late afternoon. Once the school day was over, students were given a short time to prepare before their extracurriculars began. During my time there, a student was required to chose at least one "sport" and one "arts" extracurricular per semester. This filled their time between dismissal and dinner. Options for students went above and beyond basic sports teams and music, offering school rock bands, dance troupes, improv teams, school productions, debate teams, community service options, and countless others. The bottom line was, students must be kept busy...and busy we were! Because of the quality of these offerings, many of us chose to go far beyond the required minimum, joining school choirs, community involvement teams, environmental awareness groups, and much more. The popular sports teams were the anchors which almost everyone strived for, but they were simply the centre of an enormous array of orbiting extracurriculars that helped develop leadership, creativity, and an overall confident sense of character. There is something for everyone at TCS.

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Jocelyn Murphy - Alumnus   (Jan 26, 2018)

Extracurriculars are unparalleled at TCS. Between arts, athletics and community engagement, nothing is lacking. During my time, students were expected to participate in all three competitively or in an organized-but-recreational way. At the time, there were certainly students that resented being 'forced' to do these things, but I think that we were all better for it. As a student there, I played on three Bigside (Varsity) teams, was in the brass band, volunteered for Amnesty International, did service/learning trips abroad and chaired various student-led social justice programs at school. I wanted to do 'everything' and never felt that there were any opportunities lacking. Beyond being a 'competitive' applicant for universities, I learned commitment, time management, camaraderie and compassion by participating in such a variety of extracurricular activities.

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Mariam Omilabu - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

One of my goals for my experience at TCS was to make sure I expand my extracurricular experience as my former school did not have many options. Just as I expected, TCS had a variety of extracurriculars in a variety of fields. For instance, I participated in field hockey, rowing, and service activities like making art with the elderly and even working on a goat farm! They were all very fun and fulfilling. I just wish that the school offered recreational water sports/games because I sometimes feel like just relaxing in the water. Having said that, I can confidently say that everyone has enough to do because at TCS it is compulsory for everyone to participate in a sports activity as well as a service or art over the course of the year, so I think everyone is booked. However, I do not think everyone is able to do all the things they want to do because many of the activities tend to clash with each other in terms of timing. For example, when I was competing in rowing and working with the elderly I also wanted to take part in pottery as I had never done anything like that before, unfortunately, it clashed with my service and I was unable to do that.

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Kim McConnell - Parent   (Mar 08, 2021)

Trinity has a very extensive extracurricular program. Really something for everyone. Like every school, there is competitive and recreational sports. My daughters also enjoyed sports but also participated in the Arts program. The Drama department performs 2 plays throughout the year. As well, the Music department which consists of the Winds and Jazz band, drumming, guitar club and Trinity singers perform several concerts for charity. Both my daughters also were involved in the Service Program which allowed them to volunteer and help others within the school as a Masterkey member, math tutor and communication steward. The girls had fun helping their friends and a sense of pride develops to be a needed member of the community.

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Candace Pickering - Parent   (Mar 08, 2021)

This is an area where TCS goes above and beyond. As mentioned above, my children LOVE the amount of activity that occurs during a school day. For the Junior School students, the schedule is such that no 2 academic classes are back to back. The children have either lunch, recess or co-curriculars in between classes. The athletic program is fantastic - both competitive and intramural. There is something for every level. My sons love competitive sports and love that the TCS season includes travel for games. There are also opportunities for drama, art club, yoga, bike club, etc, etc. Every 6 weeks the Junior School students choose a new co-curricular activity. It is a great way to be active, enjoy a hobby, learn a new skill, all while interacting with other students in the Junior School. Great for building a sense of community while having fun!

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Erica Brown - Parent   (Mar 08, 2021)

The extracurricular opportunities offered at Trinity College School are well balanced for students who would like competition and/or fun. Plus, they offer many opportunities for stewardship and service to the local community. The list goes on and on for students to try, explore, compete, challenge, lead, serve, learn, and understand life outside of the academic life. TCS encourages the well-rounded student that becomes a well-rounded person in the world.

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