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Oct 3, 2020

Reviews of Trinity College School — Community

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Benjamin Glassco - Alumnus   (Jan 25, 2018)

The alumni community of TCS is like no other I have seen, remaining strong in many parts of the world. From Toronto to London to Bermuda to Hong Kong, the community stays tightly-knit to their roots and events are held on a regular basis. This offers fantastic opportunities for networking, developing business relationships, and mentorship programs. At the school, parents are more than welcome on campus, often found wandering the halls looking at historic cricket team photos, or admiring the architecture. Further, groups like the "Guild" offer opportunities for parents to be involved in the running of school affairs and events. The alumni newsletter is one that almost everyone is excited to receive in the mail, updating everyone on life achievements and developments that go far beyond what facebook can provide.

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Jocelyn Murphy - Alumnus   (Jan 26, 2018)

TCS is very engaged with its alumni. There are branch dinners in major cities around the world and we are always excited to go and see one another. Parents are actively encouraged to be a part of the community and to visit for sports games, musical or theatre performances and debates. Some of my closest friends from TCS are still my closest friends as an adult. We attend eachother's weddings, visit when we happen to be in the same city anywhere in the world and talk on a regular basis. It is a community that continues to give.

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Mariam Omilabu - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

Being an international student who lived in a completely different continent and had never left home I knew that coming to this strange place and calling it my home would prove difficult. As a result, during the first few months, I could not call this place "home". It all started when I first got to TCS, everyone really welcomed me with open arms and tried to reach out to me but I was a bit hesitant and slow to trust. However, as the school year went on and I was no longer considered a "new student" everyone gradually dispersed into their circle of friends and stopped the constant reaching out that was associated with my first few days in school, I did not feel included because everyone had found their close friends and I found myself as more of a wanderer. Then I realized, in the middle of the year, that I could not expect everyone to constantly come to me if I did not go to them, I was not giving what I initially received. From then it became aware to me that I needed to show I was an open person in order to feel included, by doing that I found that many close circles of friends were willing to extend their circles to include me and even appreciate me. Therefore, it gradually started feeling more and more like home to me. As I said earlier, I am sure that not every single person in the school feels included and appreciated, but that tends to be more of their decision and how they choose to reciprocate what people welcome them to the school with. 

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