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Topic: Students

Anthony Lanni - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

The student body is energized to be at the school, as they learn and build relationships. They feel welcome and supported, and because of this, students have the opportunity to push themselves and truly learn who they are. Perhaps most telling is the fact that the young women at St. Margaret's seem happy to go to school every day, no matter the time of year. Students get to know others within their "house" well, regardless of grade, in addition to bonds created due to the little sister/big sister program. We've always noticed interactions between the girls to be friendly, and rooted in a trust of one another. As a member of the school community, there is an expectation on all to lead and be inclusive. This manifests itself in a student body that really does get along!

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Stephanie Neilson - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

SMS has amazing school spirit! They have four houses which are associated with a particular colour (Canmore = green, Turgot = purple, Christian = yellow, Malcom = blue). When a girl starts at SMS, they are placed in a house. The houses give the girls opportunities to work together from K-12 during Sports Days. The SMS staff, faculty, students and parents are often referred to as the SMS "family". The girls, especially the senior girls, often refer to each other as "sisters". This is a close, tight knit community of people who share in their love for their school and who are proud to be a part of this community. On the whole, the girls all seem to interact with each other, and with staff, in a healthy and positive way. At the Senior level, there is sometimes a bit of a distance between the day students and the boarding students, but the school as a whole, initiated by the girls themselves, recognize this and have spent the past few years working towards bridging the divide and finding ways to integrate better (e.g., weekend sleepovers at school and at homes, doing evening and weekend activities together, having dinners at school together etc.).

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Victoria Lee - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

SMS does not feel like a city or town, but a family, and a home. When walking down the halls, you can practically name every person and the teachers really know their students. Being a smaller school, we are able to create meaningful connections between staff members and each other. The students at St. Margaret’s School have such a drive for academic excellence and poses strong work ethics. Getting involved in all areas of the school like clubs, committees, and sports teams helps students flourish in their studies. Within the school community there are countless extra-curricular activities for students to join for a variety of interests, including a Model UN Club, Outreach Committee, and numerous sports teams. In order to truly thrive students must be motivated, and SMS creates an encouraging environment for all to succeed.

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Erin Solbakken - Parent   (Mar 29, 2018)

Our experience so far is that the girls at all age levels and grades are very nurturing and supportive of each other. Many of the older girls take time to speak to and show support to our daughter.

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Carol Burbee - Parent   (Mar 29, 2018)

The international student population is a huge asset. My daughter has friends from all over the world. She confidently communicates and develops global friendships as a result of her experience at SMS. As a day student she was always welcome to join-in boarding student social and community trips. This was a nice option for 'what to do on Saturday night?'

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