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Topic: Academics

Stephanie Sassi - Alumnus   (Nov 19, 2018)

All the courses i took within ontario virtual school were very helpful because i would use the knowledge i learned on an everyday basis. I was challenged to do the best i could which made me do better and better as time went on. Students were competitive to the point that it made me strive to do even better. Everything i learned was very useful and helpful. Whenever i was confused or struggling with something it was easy and simple to ask for help and better understand what i needed to know. I felt as if everything i learned was useful even to this day in my university experience. The lessons provided visual learning and also audio to help it better sync into your head. The teachers gave excellent feedback on assignments to show you how you can improve next time.

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Wajiha Fatima Syeda - Student   (Nov 22, 2018)

In my personal opinion, the work is just right. I say this because of the way the courses are structured. In a traditional class setting, I used to often feel like I was falling behind the class, whether you understood something or not, the class had to go on and the teacher had to finish the syllabus. This did not benefit the students who were slow-learners. OVS is the PERFECT school for students like that. You can keep going back to the content, even if it is hard, and spend as much time as you like to understand that content completely before moving on to more complicated concepts. Thus, it makes for a richer experience as many things you learn in high school will help you in university.

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ricky Randhawa - Student   (Jan 15, 2019)

I thought the work was good. The course material is similar to that of a physical school. However, having the ability to work at your own pace, and from home is really beneficial. Since you're able to work at your own pace you don't feel overwhelmed. This experience really helped me later on in my academic career. I currently attend Ryerson University and throughout my years I have done some courses online. Since i was already familiar with the expectations of an online course this was an easy transition for me. Some people find online courses harder, but for me it was great. I recommend online courses with OVS for students who like to work diligently. The material I learned in OVS was useful in my first year at university, because all business students need to take math. Mr. Lakhani had prepared me really well for first year math courses.

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Amrit Sandhu - Alumnus   (Jan 16, 2019)

The schools greatest strength is the flexibility it provides for students. The students for the course I was taking, Advanced Functions, had to complete two tests to get their midterm mark and four test for their final mark. The student was given the flexibility to schedule in a test whenever they wanted. In doing so they would schedule it so that they were very well prepared for the respective test. This allowed for two things to be accomplished. The first being students were able to achieve better marks due to being very well prepped before writing the test and secondly, it increased the satisfaction of students.

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Harsh Pall - Alumnus   (Jan 17, 2019)

The academic program at Ontario virtual school prepared me for university I was able to apply the knowledge at my university. The teachers were helpful and the school goes above and beyond for their students. This is the first school I attended that caters to the need of their students. I’m currently going to University of Toronto Missisauga campus and the skills I learned from here are definitely helping me get through the school year with good marks.

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Rachel Downard - Alumnus   (May 24, 2019)

OVS is an online education platform, thus I mainly interacted with my teacher. This allowed me to study independently and work through the material on my own time and at my own pace. I felt like I was always supported academically as it was very easy to get in touch with the teachers/administrators. The online learning style prepared me for online courses that I have taken since being in University. University is a lot of independent learning and working through concepts/theories. Therefore, I felt very prepared after taking a course through OVS online as it transferred into my university career. Since online courses are very common at the University level, I was better prepared when I enrolled in online courses in my undergraduate degree. I am thankful for the opportunity to take an online course in high school as it paved a way for me to learn in a different way. Overall, this helped to challenge me as a student and made me a better student overall.

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Anne Balayboa - Alumnus   (Jan 21, 2020)

This school offers a variety of courses for all grades in high school. The courses are laid out and easy to find. I registered with this school because I needed to upgrade some grade 12 courses as it is required for the university program I am applying to. It may turn some people away because it is all online and some people prefer in-person courses, but believe me, it is a great experience. I was able to move at my own pace and I got just as much information through these courses as I would have in a regular brick and mortar school. I cannot speak for competitiveness among students because it is all online. It is actually a cool experience because I felt like I was the only student in the class and I had unlimited access to my teachers. I definitely was challenged academically, the courses were just as challenging as the first time I took them when I was in high school. I do feel like the school has prepped me for my next steps in my academic life because the lesson plans were thorough and the tests were very fair. There is no doubt, I learned a lot!

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Pvitar Rai - Alumnus   (Mar 25, 2020)

The academic program at Ontario Virtual School prepared me for university and I was able to apply the knowledge well. The teachers were helpful and the school goes above and beyond for their students. This is the first school I attended that caters to the need of their students. I’m currently going to the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus and the skills I learned from OVS are definitely helping me get through the school year with good marks. I would say the innovation for modern education taught me about planning my time with priorities. I started to prioritize schoolwork over going out with friends, which was an amazing skill to learn before university.

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Preet Birdi - Student   (May 22, 2020)

The course is just right in my opinion. OVS allows you to finish your work on your own time and at your own speed. This is very beneficial for slow-learners who feel like they are behind in traditional school as teachers race through the content. Additionally, the course content is highly structured as everything is easily accessible and easy to hand in. You can always go back to the content if you forget something or need more emphasis on a certain concept whereas in a traditional school as soon as you understand one thing, the teacher is way ahead of your teaching. Finally, teachers in traditional schools follow their own syllabus and schedule but at OVS you can make your own.

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Prabhdeep Kaur - Alumnus   (Aug 06, 2020)

Ontario virtual school provides structured and effective programs. I did functions from this school which was essential for my further studies in seneca college. Allowing its students to work at their own speed provides a positive atmosphere for study. This enhanced my self judgement skills and prepared me to maintain learning and working independently. There is an easy access to the syllabus which can be seen repeatedly and instructors are always available to answer every doubt and explain it in a better way. The faculty is in fact very inspiring which encourages everyone to achieve their goals. Although it was bit challenging for me to study online for the first time but after completing it I feel very confident to start my college life where many of the coureses will be online. Thank you so much OVS for teaching me a lot!!

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Sarah Finkle - Student   (Oct 06, 2020)

When doing this course I found the workload to be adequate for what you would expect from a grade twelve level course. I found the number of different resources they offered to be very useful from the textbook which covered all our material to the slideshows with the teacher explaining the slides in more detail. There were very interesting assignments that allowed you to explore other career paths for your future that are related to the course. I was very happy with the course and am excited to have it on my grade twelve transcript. I feel that the work was engaging and full of different opportunities to not only show your strengths but learn as well.

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Juanita Rangel Galvis - Student   (May 03, 2021)

Academically, it was great! I learned a lot and it was really interesting. I do think sometimes it was a bit hard, mostly because the course expected me to read two chapters from a book that was a bit complex. Additionally, some exercises that were in the worksheets weren't explained with an example, which made them kind of hard. But other than that I did find the course really interesting and just right, it was a very complete course and I feel ready for my university. The last part of the course for me was the most interesting because I did not only learn theory, instead I saw the application of chemistry in real life which made that unit more interesting and easy.

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