"My child was taught how to learn and not what to learn, which has made a huge difference in his life."

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Review of: Summit West Independent School

Kim Cunningham - Parent    (Mar 07, 2019)

Student Experience

Summit West Independent School allowed more 1:1 with my child in the classroom with their smaller classroom sizes and allowed him to independently work at his own pace. This was life changing to my son who had become frustrated and had lost interest in school. He excelled, gained his confidence and became much happier with his performance with his school work. My child was taught how to learn and not what to learn, which has made a huge difference in his life.

School Leadership

I have found the communication between the teachers, parents and children to be amazing. They care about the well-being and success of the children and the families of Summit West. They go above and beyond. Any time there is a school issue the entire parent network is notified and if there is a problem they recognize with your child, they are sure to reach out. I know we personally as a family went through some tough family issues and every one of the teachers reached out to ask if we needed any extra support in any way.


I find the teachers to be amazing at Summit West. They actually care and are available to talk to you or your child(ren), whenever needed. The quality of instruction is wonderful and they are all very knowledgeable. My child has always received the support he has needed, even when he didn't realize he needed it. The teachers are willing to go above and beyond and deal with questions after hours. We have had to have conversations after-hours and appreciate the time we were given. My child seems to thrive extremely well in the Summit West environment and looks forward to learning and bringing home information to share with us and teach us new things. We have always found all of the staff at Summit West to be extremely professional.


I believe as a parent that the academic program at Summit West to be better than any other private school or public school that my child has been in. I enrolled my child in a private school in Kindergarten and then moved him to a public school in Grade 2. My child got lost in the public school system and found that Summit West contributed hugely in pulling him out of his shell and engaging him in learning. Student-paced learning has made a huge difference in my child's life and has certainly made an impact. I can already tell that the things he has learned and the way he tackles problems will stay with him throughout his life and become essential tools to make him thrive.


Summit West offers many different extracurricular opportunities throughout the year and the variety is very nice. My child has been exposed to things that we wouldn't have had the opportunity to do. There have been camping trips, lots of outdoor time as Summit West has access to a wonderful nature park, field trips to different venues in the city and fun days where they take the kids to hockey games and such.


I have found all the students at Summit West treat each other like family. If someone is having a bad day it is not uncommon to see an older grade student helping a younger grade student. Very nice to see a family setting like this! The class sizes are so great and my child gets all the help he needs and doesn't have to fight for help! It is interesting to watch the dynamic in the school and how everyone helps each other and respects each other, no matter how old or what grade they are in. I have seen older kids share treats with the younger kids, or read to them or play boardgames with them. The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming.....even with rules.

School Life

My child loves attending Summit West Independent School. They have rules but they don't come across like "rules" in the public school we experienced. The children are treated like humans and as my child once said, "they treat us like real people!". They allow the kids to have their emotions but to be aware of them and be respectful of everyone. I loved watching all grades participate in projects together over the years. The staff is amazing and welcoming. You don't feel put off having to talk to them and they are very real and understanding. My child will always carry with him very fond memories of his school life at Summit West Independent School and has said many times, it has been his favourite school.


I love to see the parent involvement in our school and that the parent's care about the school and making it successful. Summit West fulfills many of these opportunities! It is so much fun to get together with other parents at a Bingo or another volunteer opportunity. Everyone is so friendly and we all get along. We talk about our issues with our kids and what other fundraising events we can do. We all recognize the big picture and want to make Summit West as successful as possible as we know the difference it has made in our children. Often we get emails for the school looking for props or items to be donated and those wishlists don't take long to be filled. Everyone is so great at working together for the betterment of Summit West.

School Location

Summit West is located out on 22X. There is a huge field and track and trees and fresh air and I would pick that over an inner city school where there is all the hustle and bustle. The children can walk down to the park at the end of the road, they have bbq's and can plant things and take part in a lot of fresh air and outside time which I love to see.


Summit West was awesome at booking a tour, allowing us to see how the classrooms operated. Everyone was extremely friendly and able and ready to answer any questions or concerns we had. It was nice to be able to have my child try Summit West out for a couple of days to make sure it was a good fit. I love how they made the process so seamless and allowed my child to experience this new school and new way of learning. I don't think if this hadn't been an option that my child would have bought into this school. My child felt welcomed and was so excited after his first day at Summit West. He tried it out for a couple of days and then had no desire to even go back to his old school to say good-bye!

University placement and counselling

Summit West has gone above and beyond for helping my child obtain the information needed for university. They have gone through courses and credits needed and obtained all sorts of information that we didn't even think of. They have helped research what it would take and what it would be like to gear towards different careers. The staff have made time to talk with my child and go over any concerns he has or figure out what excites and motivates him. My child is so looking forward to his life in University and Summit West has played a huge part in getting him ready for this. My child is graduating this year and I am so glad that we made the switch years ago!

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