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Topic: Students

Will Huang - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

I think that Upper Canada College has a great student atmosphere. We have a very diverse culture at UCC and I am very fortunate to interact with such a great group of people at a young age. A lot of the people that thrive at UCC are students who are not afraid to socialize. Making a lot of connections with different people everyday is natural for a student at UCC because you interact with many other students in your own year but also younger and older boys as well with regularity. I think everyone feels included at the school because there are always opportunities for people to participate. These activities can appeal to a wide variety of people and usually a lot of shy students can thrive in these activities. At UCC we have a saying called 'Never Walk Alone'. Our school motto is a great way to represent our student body. Students at UCC never feel like they are alone because there is always someone to have their back. This saying translates to all grades of the school and is something that all students abide by.

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Julia Pantalone - Parent   (Feb 23, 2018)

Upper Canada College has an extremely diverse student body. There are boys that excel at all different interests, there is no one typical boy. Although it is a large school the boys begin in one small class, and it remains this way until grade 3. The grades gradually get larger as the years move on. The school spirit is extremely strong, as the boys have several opportunities to support school teams, watch music performances, plays etc. The school is also divided into colour houses which provides smaller group interaction between the grades, participating in events such as soccerfest. From my experience, the boys have interacted well, successfully worked together in groups inside of the classroom as well as games outside of the classroom. There are also several 'buddy' systems with the older grades such as reading buddies from the early years.

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Pierre Pong - Parent   (Oct 10, 2019)

There are about 1150 students in the school. They are confident, happy, smart, well-educated, all-rounded. Some are eager for achievements, attending lots of clubs and extracurricular, even hiring private tutors. Many students have great family background, and the school provides a character development program and EQ trainings. Last academic year, there was a mindful course every other day. Students interact friendly and gently, no physical touch (fight) at anytime is the school policy, which is well implemented. They invite each other to birthday parties. School provides a cake once a month for the student birthdays in that month. Coach and mentoring is provided for students need social skill development and catch ups. There are lots of clubs, group projects and outdoor (Noval) educations to bond students together. There are many play dates as some students living further away.

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