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Oct 3, 2020

"Top priority is allowing students to reach their desired academic goals while developing skills that will help students in their future steps."

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Review of: Toronto International Academy

Nesma Elkady - Alumnus    (Feb 26, 2020)

Overall Experience

In my grade 12 year Toronto International Academy successfully prepared me for all the challenges that I was about to face during my first year at university. The school equipped me with all the required materials and skills that allowed me to remain competitive both academically and socially. Although the school is small, classes were a lot more interactive and teachers were very attentive to all student needs. The teacher to student ratio gave each student a chance to work hard and discover their best self. Staff was friendly and helpful, they gave awesome tips and advice with academic counseling. Toronto International Academy's top priority is allowing students to reach their desired academic goals while developing skills that will help students in their future steps.

School Leadership

The administration made sure to give each student the attention they needed and instilled leadership through students by encouraging them to make their own schedules. In times of conflict and difficulty, the administration would foster a positive school environment by focusing on specific issues one at a time to help students conquer difficult challenges in an effective manner. They respected and empathized with challenges that students face and provided all the support needed to help us grow stronger academically and as individuals.


The teachers at Toronto International Academy are very passionate about what they do, as well as support students beyond the classroom. As Toronto International Academy has a large international student population, teachers ensure that all students facing difficulties in course material are accommodated. They inspire students that are interested in similar fields and bring real-world application to the classroom that assists students with understanding course content. The teachers also prioritize helping students focus on and overcome areas of weakness in courses as well as grasp and apply course content outside of the classroom. As the classes are smaller in Toronto international Academy, the student-teacher ratio allows each student to get a personalized plan that will help them excel, understand and enjoy the course content.

University placement and counselling

As a second-year Ryerson student in the commerce field, Toronto International helped me prepare for the difficult admissions standards related to the program of my choice. With step by step guidance in university and college applications, Toronto International Academy ensured that each step of my application was done properly and effectively. The course intention period at Toronto International Academy ensured that I applied to the required courses that would help me meet the university program requirements as well as ensure that there is a backup plan in place. The administrative team consistently gave feedback on supplementary applications required to successfully enter the program. In addition, the administrative team dedicated time to ensure that grade 11 students are correctly picking courses in the applied or academic stream.


Admissions at Toronto International Academy are very supportive of all student and parents questions. When I was looking into enrolling at Toronto International Academy, an admissions officer sat down with me and my parents to explain all the fees and courses available for me to take during the semesters. They also asked about where I see myself after high-school and recommended some courses that will help me reach a final decision. The application process took less than 2 weeks and I was enrolled in school with a goal- as well as my timetable with all the required courses. Courses at Toronto International Academy are always available and can be taken at any point of the semester including night school and Saturday classes.

School Location

Toronto International Academy is located in the middle of downtown Mississauga, on multiple bus routes as well as near a GO train station. The location of the school makes it extremely convenient for students that commute as well as students that rely on the bus as a main form of transportation. Toronto International Academy is also located in the middle of a Town Centre with vibrant restaurants, utility shops, and many more establishments.


Although Toronto International Academy is a small school, the extracurriculars are endless. It is guaranteed that every student will find an extracurricular that they will strive in and earn valuable skills from. The school holds exciting trips frequently, and this is a great opportunity for international students to get a chance to explore the GTA. Moreover, school spirit is very high as there is an event occurring each month to get students more involved in extracurriculars.


Graduates often end up in top Canadian universities, such as University of Toronto, Waterloo, Western, Ryerson and Guelph. Although the alumni community is in multiple locations, the tight bond formed between me and my fellow classmates helped us stay connected. Toronto International Academy was a very open and supportive environment. Peers were always supportive of each other and the friendships formed lasted over time. Parents were always welcomed and encouraged to be more involved in the students' academic lives as well as the overall school environment. Suggestions from both students and parents were always welcomed and utilized in making the environment more desirable for all students to thrive in. Since leaving school, I have remained in contact with most of my graduating class, including international students that have returned home.


As per standard Ontario High School requirements, Toronto International academy offers all academic and applied courses for grades 10-12. In addition, with the large presence of international students, Toronto International Academy offers versatile ESL courses that international students can take. Universities are currently extremely competitive and Toronto International Academy ensures that the environment that students work in is equally competitive and challenging. This helps students understand and hone some skills that they will need to face difficulties when they enter university education. The competitive academic environment also prepares students for the large quantity of workload that will be introduced during the post-secondary years. Students looking to enroll in Toronto International Academy should be prepared to work extremely hard and be ready to change their working habits for the better.


The student body at Toronto International Academy was a mix of both local and international students. International students mostly came from Asian countries such as Vietnam, China and many more. As the school is smaller, the student body shared similar characteristics, yet the school spirit was extremely high. Toronto International Academy had an extremely diverse and creative student body, where students worked together to come up with ideas that helped fellow students around them. The Student Council collaborated with teachers to provide an interactive environment where everyone got along. Students at Toronto International Academy shared values of inclusion; no matter where students were from, everyone was inclined to respect one another and had a fair chance to be their best self.

School Life

As a student, I really enjoyed the time I spent at Toronto International Academy. I enjoyed going to school as there were plenty of things that I could do each day. The school also offered interesting trips each month and extracurriculars were running all year long. The school environment helped me get most of my university applications completed as resources were available whenever I needed them. Many of the students in their final year were stressed about applications, and the school ensured that all students had a chance to relieve their stress by providing a safe space to talk. The students were generally happy and were passionate about their studies, that type of environment helped the other students find their passion as well.

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