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Reviews of Hudson College — Teaching

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Nicolette Linton - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

My daughter has really enjoyed the different approaches each teacher has brought to the curriculum: one teacher was really into sports and technology, using those to bring science and other subjects to life. Another was really into art and drama, and each year got the kids involved in the annual school play. My daughter wasn't happy with the idea of being on stage last year, so was involved in back-stage work, which she enjoyed. This year, she'd like to audition for the play. Big step forward in confidence! This year, her grade teacher has created tribes, and uses those tribal loyalties to motivate the kids to focus on improving their homework, team-work, attention skills. Great bonding moments in the class! The teachers are very enthusiastic, full of ideas, and always happy to talk to parents. We get an email at the end of each day from her grade teacher, telling us of any general class info, plus the homework for that day.

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James Hyslop - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

There have been times that I have remarked "I would love to go back to the 7th grade!" The teachers, while certainly adhering to the curriculum make learning fun, an adventure and give it real world applications and relevance. We have never had our kids say "why am I learning this?" Not that they don't complain - the do! About homework, tests etc. If they didn't, I would be concerned. Whether it is teaching the real world complexities of geo politics by creating a universe of planets that makes trade, immigration and defense issues interesting to music where the choir is learning a top 40 hit - the teachers are continually looking to find ways of keeping the students engaged. Our kids are challenged. Rewarded with success and encouraged to not give up when they fail.

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Daniel DeBarros - Student   (May 03, 2018)

The teaching staff at Hudson have been nothing but supportive since my first day here. My whole life I've struggled with all math and sciences, and had always told myself that once it wasn't required I would no longer take it. Before arriving at Hudson I hadn't passed math at my previous school due to extremely large class sizes and a lack of support. My first semester at the school I had to re due my math credit which was going to be a struggle for me. My teacher was nothing but supportive staying after class with me until sometimes as late as 6:30, and always pushed me to better myself whether it be organizational skills or self discipline. The teachers at Hudson maintain an appropriate informal relationship with the students. They incorporate interesting fun lessons while still pushing you to your true potential. With all the support and strong lessons they gave me, I went on with enough confidence to take two additional advanced math courses in my final year of high school.

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Eva Greyeyes - Student   (Mar 12, 2018)

I believe the teachers genuinely care about the students and their success at Hudson. They are always open to helping you whenever they can, and spend a lot of time assisting students even during their breaks. I know a couple teachers who are always staying after school, in activities like Math Café, where students can get math help after school or study for math competitions. My teachers are nice, and some are really funny. They are also very organized, and everything from PowerPoints to daily class notes are available on their Google classroom or personalized website.

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Ethan Cariou - Student   (Jul 18, 2019)

The teachers at Hudson College are all very nice and caring. In my experience, the teachers here want to see you succeed and move forward. This means that a lot of the teachers stay after school and/or are available during lunch to give you extra guidance and help. I also find that the teachers give a good balance of responsibility. This is because they give you homework to do but not enough to make you stay up until four in the morning trying to complete it. However, they also don't hold your hand through everything. Anouther great perk about the teachers at Hudson College is that they show intrest in your intrests and encourage you to persue them. Overall the teachers at Hudson College are all wonderful teachers.

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