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Review of: A+ World Academy

Louise Aasboe - Alumnus    (Jan 24, 2018)

Overall Experience

My year at A+ was incredible and Im blessed to have that in my memories. I Cant believe I woke up to all of those beautiful sunrises and sunsets at the 90 year old schoolship The Fullriggen Sorlandet. We learned about ourselves and others on an entire new level. The fact that we met so many amazing people around the world and saw and learned so much was the best part!! There is Nothing to change at A+! There is Nothing in that year I regret or feel that could be different and I am well prepared for all challenges in life.. I got four Jobs and attend to school After A+ and I Cant say I would without A+! They will work hard, learn lots and have the time of their life!

School Leadership

Respect for eachother on a ship is very important! Its important to get to know eachother and know peoples borders and needs!! The people aboard Sorlandet feels like a family After living with them for a year! Problems would be taken seriously at any level, and the Environment was extremely good yet challenging living on top of 50 other students and 22 adults. The communication was important everyday. That was the most important thing I remember, including dicipline. That was very important to keep the crew and ship safe. The parents knew everything at all time in my opinion, the crew sendt Mail to the parents through satelite.


The Learning Environment was unique and i couldnt imagine a better way of Learning than seeing historical places in historyclass or go around looking at different species of plant and animals around the planet in Environmental science. It was so good to combine Learning and exploring in that way, it Made me love Learning in a whole new way! Friends, family and teachers has seen an incredible development through my year at A+ and im super greatful!


You get so many new ways of thinking, you turn out to be an independent, wise, experienced young adult. You get openminded and open to new ideas and chapters in your life. People find you attractive at workplaces. You will find new prepectives and learn to live with yourself and others. You get open to new countries and cultures. The learningenvironment is amazing and it feels like travelling with bestfriends and family, and we were all good at something, we would help eachother to study in any subjects, and the teachers were always there to talk and teach us anything!! The teachers were incredible and knew all the answers to our questions, without internet. I love to travel and this concept were helping a lot with learning how to and experience loads.


Of course there was.. Sailing was the biggest priority to some, others were very interested in school and learning.


We were like a family, a big one! Always helping eachother, always caring about one another always putting other people before themselves and it people dont know how to, you will definitly learn. We Made a credo: "one ship, one team, one spirit"! Its like that you know..

School Life

I loved going to A+. Its still my home in my heart. We were minimalists. We were stressed in a good way to always stay sharp. People were and are passionate about the lifestyle at the ship and loves it.


The ship connected people in a very unique way. It Made us family. People are often meeting up and keeps on travelling together.

School Location

I would call it a connected ship, we stayed in touch with people at home in port and were focused at sea with school and no destractions from internet or people at home or social media, it was like the old days.


People are helpful if its problematic, my family found it simple and straight forward. I would totally recommend people doing this!

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