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Learning the benefits of a private school

"I never would have even considered private school, but now I need to start saving to make sure I can afford it." This was (and is) the assessment of our videographer, first articulated last summer, just after his cross Canada tour to capture life at Canadian private schools. Touring the facilities, speaking with school heads, teachers, students and parents, and exploring the variety of programs available, he was sold then and there. "I never had these opportunities or experiences that these kids have," he continued, "it's amazing."

For parents and kids that have never explored the private school option, the stigma of "stuck up rich kids" may be what comes to mind. We can probably thank Hollywood for that notion because private schools are very different than what the movies depict. Sure, many of them have wonderful campuses and facilities, such as olympic size pools and high tech laboratories, and tuition rates can be high. But the real benefits are the programs, projects and experiences students gain - and those are available at schools of all tuition levels. Working on real-life business proposals, hosting radio stations, planning fundraisers to build schools in underdeveloped countries, and learning in one classroom with international students from Spain, China, Germany or India, are all everyday activities at private schools across Canada.

I summarize some exciting programs below, but first I recommend everyone watches the video from our videographer's summer visits. It does a great job of looking into life at private school with commentary from students, teachers and parents. So what do private schools offer children? Here are just a few pretty cool programs that are designed to build confidence, independence and knowledge:

  1. Participation in and production of broadway quality shows
  2. National sports tournaments
  3. Advanced academic programs such as IB, APRound Square, or gifted programs
  4. Experiential learning through travel in a van or on a tall ship
  5. Real-world classroom assignments
  6. Unique teaching philosophies: Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio EmiliaChristian,
  7. International learning and exchange

Do you want your child to experience these opportunities? I do!


Tickets on sale now: Private School Expos.

  • Meet with all the top schools in just one day.
  • Attend info seminars with education experts.
  • Consult with school heads and admissions teams.

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