Question and Answers for Applying to schools

question Does your screening/assessment process of potential students cater to the politics of the school or what's best for the child? Do you place the child in the appropriate grade by skills or strictly by when their birthday occurs?

Students are almost always entered into their appropriate grade by age level or birthday. However, one of the pluses that the smaller class sizes private and independent schools offer is the opportunity to work at thei students level within that environment. Teachers can work more closely with students that may be struggling, or offer additional challenges to those excelling in particular subjects.

Applying to schools can be a daunting, but the school has your child's best interests in mind.

What schools are looking for
• An appropriate fit for your child and your family.
• A sense of whether your child wants to attend their school or is being pressured by parents.
• A clear sense of your child’s strengths and challenges.
• Your child’s likelihood of becoming a participating, integrated member of the school community.
• A family’s full understanding of the school’s philosophy, vision and expectations at the outset.

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