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question How is a Waldorf school different from other private schools, regarding discipline and strong guidance.

Waldorf education, created by Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner in 1919, is often described as education for "the head, the heart and the hands." Children are encouraged to grow and learn at their own pace, and focus in the early years is spent on tasks such as knitting, wood-working and singing; they are integral parts of the program. With the extra time to be "kids", once traditional academics are introduced, the children are ready to accelerate with a larger set of skills.

Another distinguishing feature of the Waldorf approach is that, ideally, students have the same teacher and classmates all through grade school. The aim is a continuity that provides much more than a ready-made group of friends each September, and the teacher is the marker to where the students look to for direction.

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1. How does the private school curriculum differ from that of a public school?

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