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question How can I find out the quality of education offered at a school I am considering for my child? Are there there any websites offering reviews or performance evaluations?

Private and independent schools in Ontario have the option of participating in province-wide EQAO testing, which then usually results in standings in the Fraser Institute's annual school rankings, but as the article says, those rankings provide a very narrow view of a school.

Though private school ranking is more common in the United States, rankings and ratings in Canadian schools are more controversial. High quality of education is standard in private schools across the country, so usually we shy away from school rankings and reviews and encourage families to choose a school based on their educational philosophy and fit with the child. Visit a school or speak with them at a school expo to see not which is the best school, but the best school for you.

Here's a list of questions to ask schools to get a better picture of the type of education your child will receive:

- What makes the school unique? What is the school's philosophy for students my child's age?

- How does the school challenge and support student achievement and leadership?

- What curriculum guidelines does the school follow and how are students evaluated?

- What is the average class size?

- What is the admission process for my child? When and how do I apply? Does the school have specific intake years? Is there a waiting list?

Connect with other parents through the school or in our Community portal to get parent and student testimonials, which can also provide a better perspective of a school's academic reputation.

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1. How does the private school curriculum differ from that of a public school?

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