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question My daughter needs greater motivation and inspiration than the public system provides. Can she enter as a senior in high school?

It is possible for a student to enter a private school at any age or grade, depending on the particular school's availability. There is much debate over when is the right time to send a child to private school. Some argue that a strong foundation in basic skills and early adaptation of effective work habits in younger years is paramount, while others insist that the leg-up high school students receive from private school in more senior years gives them an advantage upon entering university.

In fact, some schools specialize in University Preparation years, offering advanced courses like AP and IB to give older students a head start. The Our Kids search tool provides a list of University Prep courses, just choose 12+ in the School Grade option. We also have a list of schools with AP and schools with IB courses.

Private schools have many benefits that will help your daughter find the motivation and passion she needs, including skilled and enthusiastic teachers, a welcoming environment, headstrong peers, and a curriculum that's flexible enough to reflect a student's interests.

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