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question My daughter is two years old, and I would like to enroll her in a preschool to enrich her education or camp. I would like some information. Maybe a private school that teaches three languages. We already speak four at home. Much appreciated.

Many parents think summer camp or private school in the early years provides a strong foundation in essential skills that kids continue to develop and use later on in life. For more information, you can check out other Community questions about preschool, ages 18 months to three years or learning languages, or our reserve of articles about preschools and early learning and how schools help teach new languages.

Generally, Montessori Schools are known for their preschool programs, allowing kids of different ages to direct their own learning with Montessori-approved materials. However, though most have French as part of the curriculum, teaching different languages isn't part of the mandate. But you can use our Private School Search tool to look for any schools in your area that teach languages to preschool students. Camps are also a great choice to aid child development in all areas - physical, emotional, mental, and social. Here are some common questions about camp for the early years and article about language camps you may find useful. Camp Tanamakoon has a celebrated Kinder Camp program for young girls to test the camping waters, that our publisher sent her daughter Chloe to (read her blog entries about the experience here). Like Montessori schoools, there is no mandate for language learning in camps geared for such young ages, as the main goal is to safely and successfully introduce the child to the camp experience first, and then allow them to possibly specialize later on. However, the benefits of summer camp can provide much more development in a toddler's creativity, independence, self-confidence, and social skills in other ways.

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