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question Is there 1 school that offers Montessori from Grade 1 to 8 - or even to grade 12?

Many Montessori’s accept children beginning as young as nursery age and a few do have Montessori programs into high school level, but the actual age range varies depending on the school, so it’s a good idea to contact the schools of your choice about their precise ages. You may like to use our Advanced Search tool to look for Montessori schools with the age range and criteria that’s important to you here: http://www.ourkids.net/school/school-search.php We also have some additional Montessori articles that may be useful: Some common questions that are asked about Montessori here: http://www.ourkids.net/school/top-questions-about-montessori.php A checklist of what to look for here: http://www.ourkids.net/school/montessori-schools-checklist.php An example of what life is like inside one Montessori here: http://www.ourkids.net/school/montessori-schools-canada.php Once you have a few schools narrowed down, you might like to arrange a time with them to go in and observe the classrooms and environment so that you can get a better idea what the atmosphere is like on a day-to-day basis for the school. Also feel free to ask them if you can speak to some other parents to get their perspectives, what their experience has been like, how they decided to choose Montessori, etc.

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