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question HI do you have any programme for children gr 7&8 who has learning disability and they goes special education prograame what is the method for paying fees and is it possible its paid by government Thanks

A number of schools have programmes that support students with Learning Disabilities. But as a parent you will need to find one that has a philosophy that supports your views, and will be able to not just accommodate the learning disability but more importantly, will give the student skills so that they will be able to help themselves. More, the school should focus on the process of learning, ensuring that key elements are understood – just helping a child “keep-up” is not doing the student any favours. Your family and your education ‘partners’ (for that is what they should be) need to understand where the disability is and actively work to remediate it.

In terms of fees, if the child has a clear diagnosis of learning disability from a doctor, and a letter from the school saying that they can and are supporting the child, then a medical tax deduction can be claimed. However, it is better to get advice on this matter from a tax consultant.

Belinda Bernardo
Star Academy

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