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Choosing the right age for private school depends on your priorities for your child as a parent. Sending your child at a young age can help create a love for learning and set them up with the reading and math skills needed to succeed at higher grades. Focusing on high school offers many opportunities such as International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement that can really help prepare a student for university. High school will also provide an opportunity to learn outside the classroom and allow students to develop passion, creativity and athleticism through extracurricular activities. We offer more discussion online about when to send your child to private school.
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Yes, at boarding schools, students typically stay for the entire school year, including statuary holidays and weekends. In many cases,...
There are many schools in the Toronto area that offer special needs support. A list of special needs schools...

There are a few previously asked questions about the IB program that may answer your question:

What are the advantages...

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